WorkForce Optimization

WorkForce Optimization is the key factor for success in the services industry. Equipment and work hours are subject to manipulation, potentially crippling business performance. With our  WorkForce Management solutions, you will have full control over your business. • Identify all locations where equipment and/or materials are removed from truck • Monitor time equipment is used at each job and automatically generate an invoice • Monitor unauthorized locations where equipment/materials are removed from truck and create record of charges • Create invoices for all billable hours of work • Easily locate missing equipment from last location • Global Search engine to locate equipment on trucks

Case Study: Restoration Company

Problem:  • Prevent illegal use of equipment and material by technicians in the field • Validate location and usage of equipment and materials • Validate billing charges to insurance companies • Remotely identify and locate equipment and materials on trucks in the field Solution:  • Implement LogiBoxx with wireless communication to RFID Reader • Install RFID Reader on each van • Implement RFID tags on all equipment and materials • Identify and record equipment on each work van • Identify and record location (using Google map engine) equipment or material is loaded or removed from truck and automatically create job destination • Validate time equipment was off truck and at each location • Automatically generate billing information for each job location • Automated search engine for equipment and materials located on all trucks in the field