Warehouse & Facility Management

We see the warehouse as the main link in the supply chain. Our solution integrates invoice creation, available supplies in warehouse, manifest creation and complete logistics from warehouse to final destination. Solution offers: • Order scanning validation at the warehouse level • Management and notification of discrepancies • Minimized shipment errors • Online dashboard view of inventory in warehouse • Monitoring of required storage conditions (i.e. humidity) • Recurring dashboard view of 7 days activity of each product • Automated minimum inventory notification system Distribution Center Solution • Automate distribution center management with RFID • Integrate RFID with your material handling equipment for product pick up validation • Monitor entry and exit of cargo from distribution center • Integrate our proprietary HandHeld Reader for better efficiency • Sectionalize and manage warehouse by product category using RFID Implement our Continuous Visibility solution to monitor delivery of cargo from warehouse/distribution center to destination.

Case Study:Engine Manufacturer

Problem: Monitor the movement of assets within the factory/warehouse Improve performance level at each stage of factory production to improve the Quality Control process Solutions: Warehouse • Implement RFID readers at various sections (choke point) within the warehouse • Implement RFID tagging on all parts and materials within the warehouse • Classify choke point by product type • Automatic notification of unauthorized removal or movement of assets within the warehouse • Design system to provide a dashboard view of all assets within each choke point • A dashboard view of inventory count by product within the warehouse • Monitor movement of assets, equipment and materials between warehouses Production/Assembly line • Implement Passive RFID solution within the factory facility. • RFID Readers are installed at each phase of production (choke point) • RFID Readers are implemented at each exit (Access points) • Capture data of completion rate at each phase of production (choke point) and identify areas of bottle neck within the production line • Implement handheld reader to capture final product count. • Capture data of goods from start to finish