Oil & Gas

Our oil & gas solution is custom designed to address specific challenges related to transportation of wet cargo. The system will give you unparalleled real-time control over content and eliminate critical manipulation errors. System features: • Monitoring and securing oil and gas whether in transit on a tanker or at fixed locations. • Combine GPS Device and Electronic RF Seal to secure tankers and their contents. • Monitor content delivery and destination in real time • Detect unauthorized access to content • Detect delivery of content to wrong destination • GATIS software provides live monitoring of all assets and cargo in the supply chain.

Case Study: Oil Distribution Company

Problem:  • Prevent theft of content and employee malfeasance • Protect Integrity of Cargo Content and prevent dilution of fuel with other liquids Solution:  • Equip each truck with a LogiBoxx • Secure each valve (compartment) with an electronic seal • Secure each cover (compartment) with an electronic seal • Implement RFID fuel level sensor on each compartment • Design wireless communication process between LogiBoxx and electronic seals. Software Implementation:  • Monitor content destination by compartment • Geo Fence destination information for each compartment and its content • Identify unauthorized opening of compartment at undesignated or wrong location • Generate security alerts and notifications when there is violation of Geo Fence • Unauthorized opening of the cover or valve will indicate theft or manipulation of the content Result:  • Reduced theft • More efficient delivery • Increased revenue • Improved customer satisfaction with product