Our comprehensive logistics solutions based on proprietary hardware and software, take fleet and assets management to a higher level through following features: • Real-time tracking of fleet and transported goods • Fleet maintenance automatic notifications • Route creation and geo-fencing • Route corridors • Instant notifications on any parameter which can be tracked with sensors (i.e. temperature, weight) • Real time information on cargo content • Minimize cost as the result of negligence

Case Study: Major Wine Distributor

Problem: Improve accuracy as well as maximize billing charges to its customers. Improve the efficiency of its logistics operation and reduce shipping charges from carriers. Solution:  Implement LogiBoxx (integrated GPS/RFID unit) on each vehicle, implement proprietary RFID tag at each loading dock, install wireless weight sensor on each tanker. LogiBoxx identifies arrival of tankers at each winery (using electronic Fence), Logiboxx identify arrival of each tanker at the loading dock (proprietary Dock location identifier). GATIS records time of arrival and departure, in each instance combining data with load weight to automate billing. Result:  • Improve driver performance (eliminate time wasted at winery and deliver more loads per day) • Validates Tanker time at winery and reduce billing charges from carrier • Generate accurate charges for time at winery loading dock • Validate weight of cargo (more accurate charges to customer and fees to carriers)