Demand Visibility

Demand Visibility provides manufacturers unprecedented real time view of sales and inventory at the distributor/sales level. It allows manufacturers to proactively drive revenue by monitoring minimum inventory level at the distributor/store level, empowering manufacturers to optimize production, stock, logistics and supply management.
The solutions prevent out-of-stock situations at points of sale. System will enable you to track store level inventory in real-time. In-store sales are registered by scanning RF Tag at the cash register. • System will alert on low stocks, preventing loss of sales opportunities • Data analysis gives reliable production forecast and minimizes costs • Data generated help with demand forecasts • Data help to proactively drive revenue from indepdent retailers

Case Study: Gas Cylinder Manufacturer

Problem:  • Theft of Gas Cylinders and increasing cost of replacement • Falling demand at distribution level • Unstable production planning Solution:  • Develop an integrated RFID hardware and software solution • Implement RFID product tagging • Implement automated RFID readers at factory and warehouse levels • Implement RFID Handheld Readers at distributor/retailer level Software implementation • Distributors and retailers must scan in full or empty cylinders received into online database • Distributor must scan out full cylinder sold and scan out empty cylinders returned to manufacturer • System flags stolen cylinders when returned to retailer or distribution centers for refill • Retailers/Distributor required to collect payment for returned missing cylinder before refill • Configure minimum inventory level for each distributor or retailer Result  • Receive notification when distributor or retailer is at minimum inventory level • Proactively drive revenue when notification of minimum inventory level is received. • Improved production forecasting • Reduce theft of cylinder with system implementation • Discourage distributors and retailers form participating in the cylinder theft activities • Reduce cylinder replacement costs