Animal Tag

  • animal_tag
  • Appropriate for frequency-hopping work mode,have strong anti-disturb ability
  • User can customize read-write normal data,make special application system’s efficiency more quick
  • Effective read distance can reach up to 8mI(Related to read and antenna),with 2056bits memory capacity,worldwide only 94bits ID number.
  • Ultar-wide work frequency design,since comforming to relevant industry regulations,and doing flexible exploration appling.
  • It can read-write multi-tags(up to 50pcs/s ),and is not affected and restricted by tags’quantity in work area
  • 1960bits storage area offer user to read,write,rewrite funcations,and develop appointed user’s special permanent special area
  • Passive card design,no battery,inner memory can rub and write again and again more than 100000,have more than ten years effective using time limit